Chickens and EGGS!


Broiler chickens, also called meat chickens are a specific breed of chicken that has been genetically selected and bred for their meat production. These birds are raised specifically for their meat and grow much faster and larger than other chicken breeds. Meat chickens typically have white feathers and yellow skin, and they are raised in large-scale operations for commercial meat production. They are often kept in large, temperature-controlled barns and are fed a specialized diet that helps them grow quickly.Because meat chickens are raised specifically for their meat, they are typically processed for meat production at a before 3 months. We don't have any boilers yet, but we want them.

Laying hens are domesticated chickens that are bred and kept specifically for egg production. These chickens are typically kept in a controlled environment, such as a chicken coop or a free-range system, and are fed a diet that is specifically designed to support their egg-laying capabilities.Laying hens are typically chosen for their ability to produce large numbers of eggs, and their eggs can be sold for both commercial and personal use. The eggs produced by laying hens can be white, brown, or even tinted, depending on the breed of chicken. Some common breeds of laying hens include the Leghorn, Rhode Island Red, and Plymouth Rock. It is important to provide laying hens with proper care and nutrition to ensure their health and the quality of the eggs they produce. This includes providing them with a clean and comfortable living environment, a balanced diet that is high in protein and calcium, and access to fresh water at all times. We keep ours in the barn at night safe from predetors, and it gives them a place to roost. We get more eggs than we can eat, so we do sell them time to and ask if we have some.